About CamCoSO

...Protecting Consumer Rights

The Cameroon Consumer Service Organization (CamCoSO) is a dully registered organization for consumer protection in the Republic of Cameroon. Created on the 24th of September 2015. Our organization has partnered with the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CCSO) Cameroon. Our organization is also an accredited organization for consumer protection by the Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Cameroon, abbreviated (ART) in its French acronym. We are equally consultancy status member of the National Consultation Committee for follow up and social dialogue headed by the Minister of Labor and Social Security of our Country. In less than two years of our existence, we have been able to carry our activities of interest to consumers in the telecommunication, health, education, judiciary, notwithstanding the trade and commerce industries.


Apart from our local presence, we are in collaboration with the Cochrane Consumer Network. The Cochrane Consumer Network has granted a Consumer Stipend to our National President who will be attending the global evidence based summit scheduled as from 12th to 17th September 2017 in Cape Town South Africa. Our National President, during the summit will acquire basic skills and training on how to carry out a systematic review. Cochrane gather and summarizes the best evidences from research to help make informed choices about health treatment. Users of Cochrane’s evidences are Medical Doctors, researchers, Nurses, Care givers, Patients and Consumer advocates

Our Mission

We intermediate between other stakeholders and consumers to ensure a win- win and fair treatment during delivery and after sales services to consumers.

Our Vision

CamCoSO seeks to be at the forefront in carrying out activities and actions to protect the rights and sovereignty of consumers within the national territory of Cameroon.

Our Objectives

 To undertake any activity that protects the general welfare, life, health, safety and the environment of the Cameroonian consumer.  To collect process and make available the necessary information to identify Cameroon consumers such that: will enhance their bargaining power for any action that is seen to be of interest to them.  To protect the welfare of our members and the population in relation to price, quality of goods and services made available by producers of products and service providers within the territorial limits of Cameroon.